I work primarily in oils and medium I am using only basic colors I then mix until the desired final color. In the past I painted on canvas but now much more on panel (masonite) so I can accurately draw the details that I want to portray. Usually I put the sketches in pencil directly on canvas or panel, but more often I make a study
of certain buildings and / or cityscapes on location. Here I make sketches on the spot with all necessary records, such as color compositions and certain details I want to give more attention. The drawings on the drawing paper, I elaborate later in my studio. The sketches on the panel I painted over with roasted senna (brown paint)

thus creating lines that I continue to see good in the first application of thin layers of paint. These layers of paint in the color I bring to the substrate. After drying of the first layers of paint color I bring a further nuances. I do this again until the desired result is achieved. Especially the buildings where every detail I want to express in particular the existing stone structure and the mortar joints. Clouds parties also require attention and patience. Through the proper use of enriching medium and deepen the colors and surface of the painting.